Swing Trading Indicator, PZ swing Indikator Forex

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Indicator PZ Swing Trading

Indicator PZ Swing Trading

The arrow indicator Foreign exchange PZ_Swing Trading is an indicator designed for swing buying and selling, which is constructed on value fluctuations in a single week.

Foreign exchange indicator PZ_Swing Trading operates with a number of value vectors, tracks the course of the development and finds oversold and overbought phases, in addition to readiness for corrective impulses.

The coloured bars within the graph point out the principle line of alternative;

The arrows of the corresponding coloration and course mark turning factors;

Dotted traces point out doubtless reversal swings.

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Customizable development and swing durations.

Within the PZ_SwingTrading indicator, a warning system in regards to the prevalence of a sign is carried out.

The indicator eliminates the redrawing of indicators.

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