Sistem Perdagangan Rata-rata Bergerak Sederhana – You Bet Your Life Secret Word – Face Sign Chair

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Sistem Perdagangan Rata-rata Bergerak Sederhana – You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Face / Sign / Chair (Maret 2020).

The American National Corpus (ANC) Consortium has published a word frequency list of 300,000 words used in the American language from 1990 onward. This list of words was selected from newspapers, TV, internet and other written and spoken sources.
The ANC is the best source for understanding how Americans truly use English vocabulary.

We at Jam Systems, a developer of English-Japanese educational software, have used the ANC list as the basis of our own vocabulary learning tool.
We first removed all false words, swear words, and slang in order to clean up the content, and finally selected the 30,000 most frequently used words. This covers 97% of the frequency total of 300,000 words.
Because the vast majority of academic theses are written in English, we have annotated scientific terms with brief Japanese explanations to ensure the relevance of the Encyclopedia function. Those annotation will be translated into English soon.
We’ve also added “cf. (confer)” and “category” codes to help English learners avoid confusion with synonyms, antonyms, or homonyms( ).
Then we added translations into Japanese and 45 major languages.
Thus we have created multilingual dictionaries based on the ANC word frequency list and posted on the web for free, the first of its kind.
Please download the whole data to your PC on excel format, then edit to make your own custom-made dictionary.
From HTML format also, try clicking your right mouse button, selecting all, and copying/pasting on your excel sheet.
On a PC, “ctrl+F” allow you to search words in any language.
We will keep cooperating with the ANC consortium representing English-learning countries.
We welcome the support of users, especially in the translations of 45 languages. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.

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Advanced Dictionary for Chrome

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Translate unknown words or phrases by selection text in a small pop-up bubble.

Add flashcards

Create cards in one click with the translated words.

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Organize flashcards in different themed decks as you wish.

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