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Olymp Trades

Let’s discuss a very interesting strategy based on Eliott’s theory of the five waves, three of which are in the direction of the trend. How does it contribute to trading success?

Learn More about Rate of Change Oscillator (ROC)

The ROC (Rate of Change) is an oscillator to measure the percentage change between the current pride and previous price. Traders use it to identify the oversold or overbought market.

Strength and Weakness of the Aroon Indicator

The Olymp Trade boasts a great reputation for convenience, efficiency and innovation. Moreover, the platform offers the Aroon indicator in the list of standard tools. Beginners and experienced traders use it to identify trend changes in the price of an asset, as well as the strength of the trend.

Take advantage of Olymp Trade promo

Our trade platform Olymp Trade cares about our customers and offer great promotions.

Fibonacci Retracement Levels in Olymp Trade Terminal

Fibonacci Retracement Levels are successfully used in a short-term trading strategy because they help to mark reversal points. They are also used on multiple time frames.

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Download Olymp Trade (Laptop, PC, iOS, Android)

Finally, Olymp Trade launches its own application for computer platforms running Windows and MacOS software. This upgrade is satisfying expectations of many traders in order to bring convenience and easy access to Olymp Trade.

More importantly, by using a separate application which is independent of the site, you can freely use auto-trading tools, intelligent trading robots … to apply in the transactions. This is something that only traders used to use IQ Option before.

If you don’t have an Olymp Trade account yet, you can sign up for a quick account at the Olymp Trade registration box on the right of your screen or the box below to get $ 10,000 free in your Demo account

Download Olymp Trade mobile app for Android and IOS

You can use Olymp Trade in many devices like computers, smartphones, tablets.

Olymp Trade app for Android users Olymp Trade app for IOS user

3 steps to download and install Olymp Trade application to your PC or Laptop

Step 1: Go to https://olymptrade.com/download to get the link to download Olymp Trade software

Here, you will see “Olymp Trade for a desktop” with 3 separate items. If you use Macbook, choose download for macOS.

How to download and install Olymp Trade application on Windows and MacOS desktops

If you are using Windows, you need to check if you are using x64 or x32 by right-clicking My Computer or This PC on your computer screen. Then select Properties and a System dialog box will appear. Just look at the System Type settings and you’ll know your computer is 64 – bit or 32 – bit

How to view the Windows version

Step 2: Install Olymp Trade application on your PC or laptop

After downloading the appropriate file, you proceed to install this file on your computer.

Install Olymp Trade application on your PC or laptop

When opening the file if a dialog box appears, select Run. After the application has finished, go back to the main screen and start Olymp Trade

Step 3: Log in and customize the settings you need on Olymp Trade application

Open the app and proceed to log in to your Olymp Trade account

Log in and customize the settings you need on Olymp Trade application

Once you have entered your account, start customizing the Olymp Trade trading interface to suit your method. Basically, Olymp Trade app for PC / Laptop version is no different from what you use in the website.

If you are not familiar with the Olymp Trade trading interface. Please read this tutorial: How to use the Olymp Trade interface for newbies

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