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Dashboard Trading

These Expert Advisors are still under development and therefore should still be tested in Demo.
If you trade it on a Live account you do so at your own risk.

EDIT : 06/03/2020 – Dashboard RecentStrength based on Hanover’s indicator. although any indicator in sub-window can be used.
EDIT : 21/02/2020 – Added new dynamic features to Triple GapV6.
EDIT : 31/01/2020 – For some unknown reason the structures for Strength do not work on all Suffix Brokers. So i changed it. TripleGapV4b_suf
EDIT: 27/01/2020 – Added “Last Bar Check” in TripleGapV4b. Put indicators directly into Indicator folder(not necessary for sub-folders anymore)
EDIT 23/01/2020 – Latest Dashboard – Triple GapV4 based on Gaps of currencies. N.B. The indicators must be put into your indicator folder with their folders.

This thread will be dedicated to dashboards.

I am not a good coder at all so don’t expect miracles. Only just starting to get the hang of the new MQ Language.
Thanks to kind coders like Khalil aka Abokwaik,FerruFx,Bilstein etc. who kindly share their code for opportunist coders like myself.

All the new Dashboards will be posted on this the first post.

Feel free to post your dashboards as well. This thread will not be limited to one system. in this way i hope to accommodate all.

1) The first dashboard is ridiculous in its simplicity but hey i have been having some damn good success with it.

It tracks all the Time Frames candle direction and then uses the SMA12 signal in H4 and D1 for trend direction.

EDIT 03/04/2020 – Updated MP_Dashboard V3 to Dashboard_Direction. It allows for user inputs of pairs and added Pair Strength Meter for trade confirmation. The Pair Strength meter uses the H4, D1 and W1. (Based on ASI Indicator)

EDIT 03/04/2020 – Dashboard Strength replaces Forex Strength_Dashboard. As above it has User inputs and Pair Strength Meter.

EDIT 11/04/2020 – All Dashboards now have zero divide error fixed (thanks FerruFx) and some cosmetics thanks to Bilstein.

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