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Forex Trading FNB

First National Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in South Africa. Offering a range of products and services, FNB gives clients unique banking solutions designed to make the banking experience simpler.

The foreign exchange market offers a number of money-making opportunities.

Foreign exchange is a trade between two currencies. One currency is traded for another, with the aim of making a profit.

This is fast becoming a popular method of making more money. By studying various indicators and price action, individuals are now able to participate in trading on this market – which used to be dominated by large corporations.

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Some banking institutions in South Africa have taken advantage of this trend, by providing viable platforms for forex trading.

FNB however, does not currently have an exclusive platform for forex trading. The bank does offer a number of other trading platforms and products.

What trading offers does FNB have available?

Foreign Currency Account:

This type of account allows you to hold various currencies other than the Rand. According to FNB, “the account gives you the opportunity to hedge your position against currency fluctuations without having to manage your funds offshore.”

To find out more about this account, visit the FNB website www.fnb.co.za

Global Account:

This offers you the opportunity to transact and manage foreign currency online.

What you can do with a Global Account:

  • Invest in one of the currencies on offer via your FNB Cheque Account
  • Make payments to offshore beneficiaries
  • Do transfers between your Global Accounts
  • Keep funds relating to your authorised offshore assets in foreign currency
  • Convert from a foreign currency into Rand or other Global Account currencies
  • Set up and manage offshore beneficiaries
  • View balances and transaction history

In addition, there are no monthly fees and you can earn interest on your Global Account.

The bank aims to simplify the banking experience further by offering easy solutions and convenience.

According to FNB,” FNB Global Accounts make offshore investment easy, simple and convenient. It allows you to hold your individual foreign allowance in the currency of your choice – and it is as simple as transferring funds from your FNB Cheque Account into your Global account via Online Banking.”

Fnb Online Forex Trading Platform

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Full service stockbroking with a dedicated relationship manager (discretionary)

Currency Commission bps (cents) Min commission
Australia 50 AUD 30
London International Exchange 50 US$ 24
London Stock Exchange (SETS Market) 50 GBP 12
USA (NYSE, MASDAQ, AMEX) 4 c/share US$ 20
Toronto 4 c/share CAD 35
TSZ Ventura Exchange, Share price above 1 CAD 4 c/share CAD 35
EUR denominated Exchanges 50 EUR 20
Switzerland 50 CHF 36
Sweden 50 SEK 80
Denmark 50 DKK 39
Norway 50 NOK 80
Japan 50 JPY 1500
Hong Kong 50 HKD 150
Warsaw 60 PLN 150
Singapore 50 SGD 25

Online Self-Service Trading (Non-Discretionary)

Currency Commission bps (cents) Min commission
Australia 35 AUD 30
London International Exchange 35 GBP 24
London Stock Exchange (SETS Market) 35 USS 12
USA (NYSE, MASDAQ, AMEX) 4 c/share US$ 20
Toronto 4 c/share US$ 35
TSZ Ventura Exchange, Share price above 1 CAD 4 c/share CAD 35
EUR denominated Exchanges 35 EUR 20
Switzerland 35 CHF 36
Sweden 35 SEK 80
Denmark 35 DKK 39
Norway 35 NOK 80
Japan 35 JPY 1500
Hong Kong 35 HKD 150
Warsaw 35 PLN 150
Singapore 35 SGD 25

Get in touch

For more information contact FNB Stockbroking and Portfolio Management on 0800 256 256 or visit https://shares.fnb.co.za

Global Shares

Trade globally either entirely independently or with some advice from our experts. Your trades are your decisions.

Diversify your trading and investment portfolio by buying and selling global Shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Trade and invest online in more than 30 exchanges globally, and manage your portfolio in one of the three major international currencies.

If you already have an account, let’s show you how it works with this easy SELF-HELP GUIDE.

What’s hot

Trade globally on multiple exchanges

Have the ability to trade on some of the world’s largest exchanges like the NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE

Stop losses

Minimise trading losses with your stop loss functionality

Customisable dashboards

Personalise your online dashboard with information that is important to you

Reporting and analysis

Access to research reports as well as fundamental and technical analysis

24 Hour Access

Trading and investing online, having 24-hour access to your portfolio

Telephonic support

Support from a highly qualified member of our team

Account options

The world of Stockbroking

Our Stockbroking service allows you to trade online either entirely independently or with some advice from our Portfolio Managers.

With Global Shares you have the choice of transacting in one of three major international currencies. You can either utilise your own foreign investment allowance or make use of our asset transfer capacity.

This innovative, content-rich online offering caters for both new and experienced traders, who can open an account in a matter of minutes through our easy online account opening process. Whether you are accessing your account from your desktop, a tablet or your mobile device, you can be confident that electronic channels are password protected and secure.

You receive electronic notification of SENS announcements, share price alerts, deal confirmations, dividend receipts and payments, interest payments and cash movements. Benefit from real-time information, up-to-date market commentary, trading ideas and research.

What you pay

A world of sophisticated trading at your fingertips.

To get going on your own we suggest you start investing with $10 000 and if you would like a Portfolio Manager to assist you with decision making, you’ll need to invest $ 100 000.

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